Constrained aerosol forcing for improved climate projections

Understanding and reducing the long-standing uncertainty in anthropogenic aerosol radiative forcing.

The FORCeS Project

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The ultimate aim of the FORCeS project is to understand and reduce the long-standing uncertainty in anthropogenic aerosol radiative forcing. This is crucial if we are to increase confidence in climate projections.

FORCeS will identify key processes governing aerosol radiative forcing, as well as climate feedbacks related to aerosols and clouds, and improve the knowledge about these processes by bringing together leading European scientists

FORCeS reaches out to decision-makers and stakeholders and provides added-value information through workshops where climate science and climate policy experts meet to achieve maximum impact.

Latest news

Latest news

  • February 22, 2021

Congratulations to FORCeS WP leader Spyros Pandis (University of Patras and the Foundation for Research and Technology in Greece) on being awarded this year’s EGU Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal, for his outstanding contributions to atmospheric sciences and for establishing our understanding of aerosol formation and its processes! More details on the award and Spyros’s distinguished career […]


FORCeS annual meeting 2021

Stockholm University, Frescativägen, Stockholm, Sweden

Outreach & Resources

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